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Namibia: Black & White

In 2012, around this time of the year, I've been to Namibia with Marco Polo. It was a fantastic trip and the first time I've been to Africa.

Namibia is a wide, vast country that offers lots of contrasts (cities vs. landscapes, sea vs. deserts, mountains vs. bush land, and so on) and never runs out of interesting subjects for photographers!

Reviewing my images after a year, I've decided to convert lots of them to black & white. Sure, Namibia is rich in colors, but also most of the above mentioned contrasts are - in my opinion - more interesting when simplified in black & white.

Feel free to have a look at the Namibia Black & White album!

Furthermore, I offer most of these photographs as a book.

The book is available via Blurb in different formats:

You may preview the book here.

Namibia Black & White by Tobias Kühne | Make Your Own Book

The printed version (Softcover) looks like this: